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  • seo and voice search
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“Emily is at the cutting edge of technology. Voice is (and will be) the most natural way for us to interact with technology. Emily is already deep in it. Listen to her. Watch her. Follow her.”

Mitch Joel

Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete

“When it comes to voice marketing, Emily is an invaluable resource. Her guidance for Citywire’s Alexa Flash Briefing and podcasting setup was key when it came to our content strategy and promotion through social media. I will definitely work with her again and recommend her to all my clients.”

Courtney McQuade

Social Media Manager, Citywire

“Sometimes I run across people that just cut to the chase and yet also are able to see the big picture and Emily Binder is certainly one of them. The world of automation, integrations and effective use of technology in business can be so overwhelming. My strategic planning sessions with Emily have saved me so much time, money and energy that I must say it was money well spent!”

Iris First, MS

Relations Coach, Certified Tritype® Enneagram Teacher

the hottest new technology shows no signs of stopping. from podcasts to alexa to google, make your brand heard.

FACT: Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology of all time.

This year, screenless browsing is expected to account for 30% of internet activity. From 2018 to 2019, we saw a 78% increase in the number of smart speakers in U.S. homes.

Your business needs a voice marketing strategy just like you once needed a desktop website, then a mobile optimized website, then a Facebook page. Your customers’ habits evolve and you must keep up. So what exactly do you do right now?

What Happens on Our Call:

Emily accepts 3-4 new client consultations per month. In this high value, structured call, you’ll get:

  • Marketing review (website, social, podcast, etc.)
  • Specific ways you can level up today
  • Problem solving, friendly approach
  • If/how you can leverage voice
  • Action items: specific tools & resources

get in and get out.

30 or 60 minutes. expert advice.

Emily Binder speaking at Citywire RIA panel