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Are you still using a debit card or cash? STOP leaving money on the table! You can earn reward points on everyday purchases with many credit cards. However, I recommend Chase credit cards, in particular the strategic Chase Trifecta. With a little effort (using the right cards for purchases based on category) you can rack up tons of Ultimate Rewards points, the universal travel point that applies to just about ANY travel from flight to hotel to rental car to boat or train.

The Chase Trifecta if you DO have a business:

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve ($450/year with $300 annual travel credit = $150/year)
  2. Chase Freedom Unlimited (free with 1.5x points on EVERY purchase)
  3. Chase Ink Business Cash (free, must have a business. Get 5x points on office supplies, cell phone, internet or cable bill, and sometimes on gas. Maximize points like this: purchase $300 Visa gift cards at office supply stores like Staples and pretty much live off those so every purchase is 5x. Furthermore and even better: buy gift cards on by shopping through (clicking through) the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping portal – bonus points average 2x on top of the 5x office supply category)

The Chase Trifecta if you DO NOT have a business:

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
  2. Chase Freedom Unlimited
  3. Chase Freedom

In the above video, I explain:

Tips on maximizing bonus point categories (for example, travel and dining or gas stations or grocery stores), the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal for extra rewards on office supply purchases (a 5x point category for both Ink business cards). If you pay attention and use the right cards for the right purchases based on category, you can maximize your points and eventually travel for free!

The Points Guy

Get TPG’s free app to see which card you should use on the go (example: “I’m at a gas station – should I use my Freedom Unlimited or Ink Cash?”).

Earning bonus points for office supply purchases such as using the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal (formerly Shop Through Chase).

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