Just wrote a new blog post at Take 2 Digital: Social Oomph for Automating Updates
The post is a quick guide to SocialOomph.com, a Twitter (and other social media) automation service. I’m a big fan of this site, and of course Tweetdeck too, but vow to find some time this month to explore CoTweet and other tips in this great video from John Haydon: Three Twitter Techniques.

Socialoomph.com logo

I’ve tried Seesmic and Hootsuite when unable to use Tweetdeck and find the former two totally lacking. I like that Hootsuite is in the cloud, but it’s the little things that count. I.e., when I type @, I want the system to pop a window where I can insert followers by typing the first letter(s) of their name.  The search box on Hootsuite is also annoying- I much prefer Tweetdeck’s QuickFollow, which allows me to find a user and see their profile and tweets without having to navigate within a tiny popup box. Tweetdeck’s editable search columns are also more user-friendly. As you can tell, I’ve used Hootsuite more than Seesmic. It’s better. Seesmic’s entire layout, color scheme, fonts, and overall feel are just too clunky and grungy somehow. It’s like the WordPress theme Grunge was applied to a Twitter client in an ugly way.

Anyway check out the blog and try out SocialOomph.com.