After testing several photo apps on iPhone, for sharing my pictures I prefer the free app Instagram. It allows you to take a new photo or use one from your photo album, then apply a filter or keep the original photo’s appearance, and email or share it with any or all of your social networks. When you create an account, you have the option to allow Instagram access to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr,  Posterous, Foursquare, and/or Flickr account. You don’t have to configure any of these services if you just want to post on Instagram alone. Instagram only works with iPhone.


From iPhone’s home screen, you can enable geotagging on Instagram from Settings –> General –> Location Services. When you post a photo, you will have the location option. My demo – please excuse the quality:

It’s a nice way to keep your photos organized and reference them later. Normally, if you post some photos on Facebook or Flickr or Tumblr, you don’t have one aggregate home space where you can view all your posted photos, no matter where you posted them. There’s always your computer or iPhone camera library, but these lack 1) built-in social sharing capabilities; 2) a record of where a photo was posted.

Joseph Jaffe announced he would use a few apps to communicate from a Flip the Funnel session in March:

I’ll be using the following apps to connect, communicate, collaborate, create and other things that start with “c”: (I’m typically there under my real name or jaffejuice)


The social capacity is two-fold (as all good ones are): 1) You can follow your friends on Instagram. 2) This allows you to see their uploaded photos in a Feed, which resembles Tumblr, with the option to Like or Comment regardless of whether you are following that user.

Instagram iPhone App Feed

An upload from my favorite San Francisco DJ, whitemenace

Instagram was updated March 11, 2011. Great new features include the ability to email photos and the revamped news feed.

Here’s my most recent upload featuring me (emilybinder) and friends (bunnymcintosh) and (everett_steele) after playing paintball in the Georgia country:

Paintball Photo of emilybinder bunnymcintosh everett_steele Instagram