Here is my review of Dashlane, the password manager and VPN with the coolest sonic branding (you’ve probably heard it in a podcast ad). Plus, get six months of Premium free with this link. You’re gonna want to after you read this.

1. This is one sticky SaaS:

After a year of storing ALL your logins, passwords, credit cards, and addresses in a handy auto-fill tool synced across devices, you will renew because you’ll be too spoiled not to. This is the SaaS recipe for retention: habit formation and convenience that is worth the cost.

And if your SaaS happens to solve the universal pain of passwords and login, well that’s something customers will gladly keep once they see how much better life is with a password manager. Dashlane calls themselves:

“The app that makes the internet easier.”


Until we have better biometric logins and voice controls everything with touchless logins, the above is true.

2. Ace sonic branding:

It’s bizarre, memorable, fun, and a total ear worm. Hear Dashlane’s audio mark at the very end of their clever Super Bowl LIV ad below (from January 2020). I’ve also heard the audio mark in an ad on the podcast Pivot hosted by Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher: good show, good advertisers – the two go hand in hand.

Read more about the work on this spot in AdAge: Dashlane’s Super Bowl ad captures the hell of not knowing what your damn password is

Get six months of Dashlane Premium free with my link.

Identity protection company Dashlane captures the hell that is trying to remember your password in its regional Super Bowl ad, created out of recently-named agency of record Lightning Orchard.

Dashlane fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device. Click here to get 6 months of Premium free.

This is not sponsored, I’m just commenting on this particularly effective SaaS model and the part relating to voice. However, I am a Dashlane Premium user and I absolutely recommend it. I’ve saved frustration and what adds up to hours as I just pass by the slow users hunting around for a sticky note with their password or trying every combination of their pet’s name and childhood street.

Yep, I dash through the ‘net on any device. The VPN is also fantastic. I just switch it on on desktop or mobile and my browsing is secure. That is extra handy at airports or cafes (for when we get back to those). You really feel like you’re in the HOV lane (Atlanta reference).