Video clips and summary from our American Marketing Association – Atlanta panel discussion about millennials in the workplace:

Millennials in the Workplace

According to research conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, many of the myths plaguing Millennials are, in fact, not true. Here are three of the five busted myths, some uncomfortable truths, and some recommendations from the report:

Busted! Millennial Myths and Generational Truths – A Recap of February’s Signature Luncheon

Scot Safon, Former Chief Marketing Officer, The Weather Channel

Carolyn Baird, Global Research Leader, IBM
Bob Van Rossum, President, MarketPro
Emily Binder, Director of Marketing, Budget
Liz Nixon, Director of Emerging and Social Media Marketing, AT&T (unable to attend)

Full Video – Millennials in the Workplace – AMA Atlanta February 2015 Signature Luncheon

February 24, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

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