Emily Binder is an in-demand speaker on the impact and exciting opportunities that emerging technology and voice/AI present for business. She is described as intriguing, passionate, and inspiring.


Emily Binder is an in-demand speaker on the impact and exciting opportunities that emerging technology and voice/AI present for business. She is described as intriguing, passionate, and inspiring.



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SALT NY Sideline Report - Leanna Haakons interviews Emily Binder


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“Emily is at the cutting edge of technology. Voice is (and will be) the most natural way for us to interact with technology. Emily is already deep in it. Listen to her. Watch her. Follow her.”

- Mitch Joel

Six Pixels of Separation & CTRL ALT Delete


In the past decade, Emily has spoken to groups small and large as a keynote, a presenter, and a panelist. Audiences range from Verizon’s marketing team to business leaders at Fortune 500 companies including Home Depot and Chick-Fil-A, to social media and digital marketing conferences, to university business consortiums, to national wealth management conferences and private events for elite financial advisors. From The Alexa Conference to the VOICE Summit, she has covered audiences from A to V.

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"Emily pulls an audience in with her unique energy. She brings future thinking to the stage in a smart, witty, and relatable way. When Emily speaks, the room is filled with 'a-ha' moments."

– Dani Fava, Head of Strategic Development at Envestnet / Advisory Board Member Onramp Invest & Cordelia Capital

"Emily’s presentation at The Alexa Conference was one of the most well presented and well researched explorations in to the fundamental reasons for brands and just about any company to build a Voice First plan. The examples and the underpinnings that have supported successful campaigns in the this early stage of the industry show a clear path for reproducible success. Emily has a grasp on the pulse of this new industry and will garner a first mover advantage to those that move her advice to action."

– Brian Roemmele, President – Multiplex, VoiceFirst.Expert

"As an agency all about innovating for the digital world, we often host and attend events about new technology and cutting-edge marketing. Emily Binder is one of the most engaging and knowledgeable speakers we’ve seen. Her passion and knowledge are infectious and audiences are captivated by her."

– Brian Easter, Co-Founder & CEO, Nebo Agency

"Emily has spoken at events we’ve produced, appeared on a podcast I host, and her work is well-known and well-regarded within the voice and tech communities. She’s always willing to serve and she’s a strong leader in the space. I would recommend her for just about anything - no doubt she can help your company in any number of ways."

– Bradley Metrock, CEO, Project Voice | General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners


Twelve years of marketing and product experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500

A delightful and educational session that moves your group to take meaningful action

A refreshingly direct, informed perspective delivered with integrity and a sense of humor

An inspiring call to action told through relatable stories, case studies, and the latest data

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New Tracks: Evolve Your Business for Voice

Abstract: Let’s innovate.

As we leave the Tap, Type, and Swipe era and enter Voice First, businesses who remain slaves to a dominant pattern won’t survive. Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and other AIs are quickly changing the marketing landscape.

Voice gives brands an unprecedented opportunity to build deeper relationships with customers, creating a conversational commerce. Learn to think of voice as a channel for your business.

Untapped Voice Marketing Opportunities in Finance

Abstract: With 50% of the U.S. having $0 for retirement and 40% without $400 for an emergency, financial literacy is in crisis. Our information diets are saturated. All this content isn’t helping.

How do you cut through the noise? Whether you’re a financial advisor or institution, voice marketing tools like Alexa skills, podcasts, and Flash Briefing can reach clients and investors effectively. Will you take advantage of this uncrowded medium or wait and play catch up?

How to Crawl into Your Customer’s Ear

Abstract: Emily’s original primer on voice marketing and sonic branding.

Voice is a natural, intimate, highly effective marketing channel. With 50% of U.S. adults owning a smart speaker and 78% YoY growth, voice assisted devices are the top consumer technology trend.

Just like having a website is table stakes today, soon an optimized voice presence will be necessary for your brand to succeed. Told through impactful stats and entertaining examples, learn how audio content and sonic branding can make a lasting impression on your audience.


Amelia Garland from Citywire interviews Emily Binder at Carson Excell 2021 about voice marketing
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