We interview Dan Scanlan, drummer of psych metal band Zoroaster, about the changing landscape of music in the digital age.

  1. Distribution – pros and cons of reaching a wider audience through digital, loss of control
  2. Revenue sources for musicians – mysterious compensation algorithms on YouTube and Pandora
  3. Internet radio – Spotify, iTunes, streaming services
  4. MP3 downloads, CD sales, merchandise, touring, and ticket sales
  5. Amazon, CD Baby, and outlets selling physical albums
  6. Why Dan loves vinyl and 8 tracks

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My favorite song by Zoroaster- Odyssey (off Matador)

Tips on Tap

  1. Excel – how to open a new instance:
    If you or your company are still using antiquated versions of Microsoft Excel, you’ve likely discovered the frustration of not being able to open two Excel documents in two separate windows, and thus compare side by side in the same view.
    How to get around it:
    Open up the first Excel document
    Create a new shortcut for Excel on your desktop and open Excel using the shortcut
    You should now have two separate windows open for Excel
    In the blank worksheet, use File>Open to open the second document.
  2. How to clear the “other” space on iPad – the yellow bar can take up gigabytes of memory, with phantom files, email attachments, duplicate music files, corrupt data, notes, contacts, unfinished downloads, etc. First try this: Turn off the iPad, plug in to your computer, sync to iTunes. Try using iExplorer. iTunes will not display all the files that will take up “other.” Check your app usage in Settings -> General -> Usage and look for apps with unusually large memory usage. Otherwise, do a backup then full restore. Forum: Apple Support – Yellow Bar “Other” Capacity
  3. Wanelo shopping app and website – This very simple app shows a Pinterest-style mosaic of product images that you can endlessly scroll through. What sets Wanelo apart from Pinterest is that it provides a much easier shopping experience. Every image you see includes the price of the item. A simple tap will take you to the site where the image can be purchased. Yay for mobile commerce! Click here for the web version…be warned, it’s addictive.

Show Notes

Rob Zombie Woolite Commercial (correction: it was Woolite, not Tide):

Thanks Zoroaster for all the swag! We love the Matador posters with cover art by artist Brian Mercer. Zoroaster’s new album, Century of Light, will be released in early spring 2013, also with cover art by Brian Mercer. And thanks Jordan for the fantastic electronic refillable Tagger lighters from NBSP INC.
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