This week we dive into Pinterest’s new privacy features, Xbox Music and Windows 8, Microsoft Surface, and LinkedIn Endorsements.

I. Mobile Payments– After another Atlanta festival, we follow up on Murder Kroger and Mobile Payments (Ep. 3)– Adventures in trying to pay with mobile while ducking under a funnel cake vendor’s oil vat to reach a power strip

II. Pinterest ups their privacy settings; stalkers wince

III. Microsoft launches Xbox Music, Windows 8, and announces the Microsoft Surface tablet: game changer or another “me too gadget”?

IV. M is crushing on Spotify–but will an upgrade to a Premium account put an end to the honeymoon? (stay tuned)

V. LinkedIn Endorsements – How it works (and why we don’t like it)

Tips on Tap:Mother In Law's Tongue plant

1. Dolphin browser for mobile: A fun alternative to your smartphone or tablet’s native browser. Based heavily on gestures. An excellent free app for iOS and Android.

2. Standing desks, dimming your monitor, and other ways to not slowly kill yourself in an office environment. Ergonomics.

3. Emily tells you how to literally clear the air with your Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue…yes you read that correctly. (The best low maintenance, worker-friendly office plant.)

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Show Notes — Links

1. Pinterest Blog – Announcing Blocking & More Controls 10/17/12

2. Microsoft launches Xbox Music: What you need to know – PC World, 10/14/12

3. More Time Spent Sitting Linked to Higher Risk of Death; Risk Found to Be Independent of Physical Activity Level. Science Daily, 7/23/10

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