Emily and Melanie are embroiled with their technology this week:

The Death of the English Language?

Hoverboard from Back to the Future

Is internet/text slang (tech-speak) destroying English as we know it, or is it part of a natural progression toward more efficient communication?

U decide who’s rite: Melanie Embracing Change or Crotchety Hoverboard Granny Em.

Google Shopping– Melanie sounds off on the degradation of Google Shopping. What’s worse– that Google Shopping replaced natural search results with paid ones, or the terrible excuse they’ve given for doing so? Why Etsy sellers and small businesses will lose.

The Notorious Apple Maps– Not since Antennagate has Apple made such a blunder in user experience. Get ready for a lot of u-turns.

Tips on Tap:

1. iPhone Texting Shortcuts

2. VoterHub – voter information and social network website and app

3. Gmail tip: Send mail as multiple non-Gmail email accounts without the pesky “On Behalf Of” giveaway.

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