Lucky episode 15 of The Digital Dive Podcast covers the Center for Internet Security’s new Copyright Alert System, an ISP-backed online piracy crackdown effort, plus Microsoft’s launch of email which could wage war on Gmail.

I. The 6 Strikes Copyright Alert System – MPAA Got Time For That

Appearing before your DVD feature film, the much-loved PSA from MPAA’s “Piracy — It’s a Crime” campaign c. 2005

Appearing before your DVD feature film, the much-loved PSA from MPAA’s “Piracy — It’s a Crime” campaign c. 2005

The Copyright Alert System – A collaboration between the Center for Copyright Information, the MPAA, RIAA, and Internet service providers aimed at curbing illegal downloads of copyrighted content. Watch the CAS Process video.

  • What it means for users, peer to peer downloads, online piracy, and your home Internet account status and speed. Remember, email and Dropbox etc. are safe from the CAS monitoring. However, MPAA and RIAA got time for that when it’s P2P.


  • If you are a user of Hotmail, MSN or other Microsoft email services you will (if you haven’t already) notice a major change: When you sign in, you’re sent to a new service called
  • “Outlook? As in what I use at work?” Yes. But Microsoft is now adapting the Outlook brand for personal, web-based email services as well. It’s part of a broad makeover that includes the company’s overhaul of the Windows operating system and the Office software suite. is set to rival Google Drive, and with the other fully integrated features of Microsoft Outlook and Office on the web:
  • is a challenge to Gmail in several ways, including these touted benefits:
    • Email content will not be used to target ads (something many users don’t like about Gmail)
    • Outlook integrates with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
    • Users can alternate email addresses without signing up for additional accounts
    • Customizable filters like “shipping updates”
    • Clear the trash can and still have a chance to recover deleted emails from the server

Tips on Tap

  1. Slice – this free app “keeps track of what you buy, effortlessly” using your email inbox. Slice tracks your shipments, online orders, and triggers alerts when items you have recently purchased go on sale. For iPhone, Android, and web.
  2. – a “green” search engine powered by Google, Blackl is essentially Google search in your browser on a black background. AMOLED screens use a lot less power displaying black instead of white. (AMOLED = Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode, the technology used in most smartphone screens.)
  3. How to Evade the Copyright Alert System (CAS): The most obvious solution: Stream, don’t download. Jared Moya offers four more workarounds including Usenet, upgrading your residential account to a business account, and using a VPN. –, 2/26/13


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