Emily Binder is an in-demand speaker who’s presented to over 30,000 people at over 50 events on the impact and exciting opportunities that emerging technology / AI present for marketing and business. She is a trendspotter and idea distiller.

Conference Video Interviews

Print, News, and Media

WealthTech Today: “Making Friends with the Media: Tips for Advisor-Reporter Relationships”
Jolt! 2022: Emily Binder on the Power of an Advisor’s Voice—Literally
Spectrum Business: “Three Ways Voice Assistant Technology Can Benefit Your Business”
Investment News: “Listen up advisers! Voice Marketing must be part of your growth plan”
Yahoo / BusinessWire: Advisor Circle Announces Powerhouse Female Speaker Lineup for Inaugural Future Proof Festival
SALT Conference 2021 Sideline Report with Leanna Haakons: Emily Binder Explains Voice Marketing on Smart Speakers
AP News: “Stock investors’ nerves tested by inflation, omicron, Russia”
Marketing Brew: “Like it or not, your office might have its own sound one day”
Wealth Management: “2021 Advisor Marketing Predictions: 36 Must-Read Insights From the Experts”
Abnormal Returns blog: “Adviser links: the most valuable currency”
Business Insider: “Finance firms like TD Ameritrade say flash briefings on Amazon’s Alexa have opened up new ways for them to communicate with advisers and potential clients”
Morning Consult: “Stuck at Home, About a Third of Smart Speaker Owners Leaning on Devices More”
Business Insider: “How to market effectively on smart speakers and what mistakes to avoid, according to audio consulting agencies and voice app developers”
TD Ameritrade Institutional blog: Every advisor should have a podcast by Dani Fava
PR Newswire: ​​The Voice of Money Launches in N.Y.C., Oct. 29 Event to Address the Growing Involvement of Voice Tech Within Modern Banking and Finance
Three Crowns Marketing blog: “Voice Marketing with Emily Binder”
Twenty Over Ten blog: “Voice Marketing: Your Cure for Screen Lock”
Benjamin Daniel: “Weekend Content for New Financial Planners (July 24-25, 2021)”
Voice Events: “Top Alexa Flash Briefings”
American Marketing Association Atlanta blog
Soundhound blog: “Careers in Voice AI: Advice from 10 Inspiring Women”
Spin Sucks blog: “How to Grow Your Alexa Flash Briefing Audience”
Benchmark blog: “Podcast 101: Pick Your Cohost, Divide and Conquer”
EarBuds Collective: “Microcasts – Short Podcast Recommendations”

Podcast Interviews Playlist

Podcast Interviews

The Advisor Lab: Voice, Video, and the Future of Marketing Media
Financial Advisor TV – Resilient Advisor Podcast with Jay Coulter: Leveraging Voice To Engage Clients and Build Trust with Emily Binder
Framework with Jamie Hopkins & Ana Trujillo Limón: Emily Binder: The Many Facets of Digital Marketing
Standard Deviations with Daniel Crosby, Ph.D: Emily Binder – The Future of Voice
The Advisor of Tomorrow: Leveraging Your Voice with Emily Binder
The Human Advisor: How to Better Connect with Clients Through Emerging Technology
The BeanCast: BeanCast 632: Lameification
Grow with Altruist: Emily Binder explains how to better connect with clients through emerging technology
Grow with Altruist: The evolution of voice marketing and the edge it gives advisors
Taco Tech: The Power of Voice The Power of Voice with Emily Binder
Pay Me in Equity: EP 2: How This Entrepreneur Builds Equity Through Business Ownership with Emily Binder Young Money Podcast with Dasarte Yarnway: EP 73: The Power of Voice with Emily Binder
Where’s the Beef: Tech vs Creative with Wendi Cooper: EP3 Jonathan Sackett & Emily Binder “You Don’t Eat A Candy Bar Like a Banana!”
A Shark’s Perspective: Episode 260:  Emily Binder “What Is Your Voice Marketing Solution?”
Rockstar CMO FM: #19 Emily Binder, The Choice Factory and a Cocktail
Social Geek Radio: Voice Search with Emily Binder
Model FA: S2 EP04: Using Voice Technology to Build Irresistible Advisor Brands with Emily Binder
This Week in Voice: Season 3, Episode 13 – Emily Binder and Voicify’s Jason Fields with host Bradley Metrock
Alexa in Canada: Voice Strategy with Emily Binder of Beetle Moment Marketing
The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast – Be Here First: The Future of Voice-Interface Marketing


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