YouTube is the #1 destination for podcast consumption, with 70.2% of respondents accessing podcasts there, followed by Spotify at 33.9%, according to a University of Florida study, 2019.

What is the best video podcasting setup for Zoom?

  1. Logitech BRIO webcam
  2. Ring light
  3. Blue Yeti microphone
  4. Foam windscreen
  5. Boom stand – desk clamp

Complete list below. This simple, quality setup will make you look and sound good on a video podcast or any Zoom, Skype, or other video conference call meeting. Having a quality appearance on Zoom calls is the new wardrobe investment. You want to be well lit and crisp, not dimly lit and blurry. It makes a big difference in perception of you as a professional. Fortunately it’s easy to look and sound good and I made this video to help you level up without making it complicated.

Record your video podcast with Zoom and the equipment listed below then publish to YouTube.

What is a video podcast?

A video podcast is a podcast put to video which features footage of your show as you’re recording it. Also called videocasts or vidcasts, they combine the audio component of podcasting with visual media. You watch a video podcast like you would listen to a podcast. Audiograms are not video podcasts

A static image or moving waveform with audio laid over the top is an audiogram, which is not a video podcast.

woman podcast mic
More than 30 million people visit YouTube every day, making it, by far, the most popular platform for streaming video, music, and podcasts as of 2020.

Who is this for?

  1. Anyone joining Zoom calls, especially if working from home
  2. Podcasters: beginners or intermediate podcast hosts who want to record on Zoom video with webcam

This is the only equipment you need to video podcast from home. Watch my 7-minute setup and check out the complete list of gear with links to buy on Amazon below.

This video covers the best mic and camera for Zoom or other video podcasting recording tools.

The gear here is the simplest, most minimal setup for your home to create a video podcast for YouTube. It’s what I use to record the Beetle Moment Marketing Podcast with guests on Zoom video. It’s what I recommend for podcasters who want to incorporate video without buying a fancy camera or spending thousands of dollars. Yes, you could level up to a nicer camera. But you will have to learn more editing settings and software. A webcam simplifies this and works well with Zoom.

The most important thing is not having perfect equipment, it’s having great content on your podcast.

Emily Binder

Take solace in the fact that YouTube doesn’t necessarily reward creators with the highest production value. Don’t get overwhelmed or obsessed with the highest tech gear. Focus on what you say and how you can add value. That’s all anyone watching really wants, not HBO level production. At least that what I tell myself, since my videos are still fairly DIY but I’ve grown my channel and podcast slow and steady with this approach.

Complete List of Video Podcasting Gear

Podcast Microphone Gear

Camera and Lighting Gear for Video Podcast on Zoom

Blue Yeti is one of the most popular podcast microphones because it offers great sound and value for a USB mic under $150

Desk Gear and Accessories

See this gear in action – watch my video podcast or the WealthVoice video below:

Free Video Podcast Recording and Editing Tools

You can record with Skype or Zoom and edit in GarageBand (audio) and iMovie (video) for free. Just keep it simple when you’re getting started!

This equipment will make you look professional while doing a simple Zoom recording for your audio or video podcast. The Logitech Brio and the Blue Yeti give great sound and video quality. Spend a few hundred bucks, it will pay off.

The podcast equipment video was shot on iPhone 10, but see my WealthVoice video for how the Brio webcam footage looks (note, I did not use the 4k setting in fact as Mac requires extra software for this with Brio, and I hadn’t learned it yet).

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