It’s Noisy Out There

With average daily screen time at 11 hours, we’re inundated with content. Media is a business whose product is your attention and whose customers are advertisers. That’s the digital content model we have today. The primary ways we get content online are seemingly free because they are ad-supported. The algorithms in turn make incendiary and stressful content rise to the top. It produces adrenaline, a close relative of dopamine

More dopamine means more time spent scrolling, reading, watching, and clicking on links. “Nothing happened today” isn’t news, and it won’t garner attention. Sensible long-term investment strategies are not exciting. 

In this age of Robinhood investors and zero commission trades and the democratization of access, we are at a different point in the life cycle of personal finance than ever before. While this is beneficial for society as a whole it also introduces both a challenge and an opportunity for financial advisors.

The average U.S. adult spends 11 hours a day on a screen.

The challenge is to cut through the noise even though your message probably isn’t titillating. 

The opportunity is to connect emotionally which is more powerful and long-lasting because it builds trust over time. Your voice is the key to this connection.

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