Billions of tweets reveal tomorrow’s big movements. Let’s talk about the 78% increase in content about personal finance this year on Twitter (and elsewhere). Huge opportunity.

  • 💰 Money stigma is down, conversations are up.
  • 📱 Search is moving off Google, onto social (especially TikTok and Instagram for Gen Z).

You can use this trend to your benefit as a financial advisor or personal finance content creator — and you should. Book a marketing coaching session with me and level up your marketing game for 2023.

1-Minute Video: Trends in Tweets about personal finance:

This data is from The Conversation: Twitter Trends 2022 (download the free report).

Of the Gen Z consumers surveyed, 34% go on the social media app TikTok for financial advice, 33% look to YouTube, 30% seek advice from their financial institution and 24% use financial advisors as a resource. One thousand U.S. adults participated in Vericast’s survey.

Credit Union Times

“Generation Z are almost five times more likely to get financial advice from social media platforms than people aged 41 or over.” 

World Economic Forum, August 2022

Financial Advisor Marketing Trends

The increase in content about personal finance, investing, and planning for retirement extends beyond Twitter to all content and social platforms, and inherently to universal search and SEO.

People. Need. An. Expert.

If you’re not part of the conversation, they won’t find you. The next generation of clients certainly won’t.

But what worked in the past won’t work now when there’s this much more competition.

This is a major opportunity for financial advisor marketing AND for doing good in the world via wealth management and financial literacy. This can be a business and personal win-win if you harness it.

Make the most of your marketing now and next year.

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