Most podcasts downloads happen within the first week of a new episode airing then sharply drop off. If you’re a guest, this is a waste because your appearance is not only short lived and briefly promoted, but it becomes hard to find due to podcast SEO still lacking. However, the content could still be valuable even years later. What can you do?

Episodes get attention and promotion when they’re new but are typically forgotten within weeks and not shared again on social because hosts are focusing on the newest episodes. A three-week old episode is no longer shiny. What a waste!

Watch the video below to find out how to use my Spotify trick to make sure you get the maximum marketing advantage from being a podcast guest.

Why and how to create a Spotify podcast playlist:

Podcasting is a great way to grow your personal brand and position yourself as a subject matter expert. BUT the problem is that hosts don’t promote shows very much beyond the week they air. Use a Spotify podcast playlist to get more downloads over time whenever you’re a guest on a podcast.

This is a great way to create a shareable portfolio of all your podcast guest appearances and embed the playlist on your website. Having a Spotify podcast appearances playlist also gives you a single place to send people to hear all your guest podcast episodes and to be impressed by your body of work. Add to your guest appearances playlist as you go! Make sure to watch the full video so you don’t miss any of the key tips for your podcast playlist as a marketing tool:

Why should you create a Spotify podcast playlist (as a guest)?

  1. Improve your personal brand on Spotify by branding your portfolio playlist
  2. Get long term mileage out of the work you put into your podcast appearances
  3. Improve your name’s SEO by making your name more searchable on Spotify

Older Episodes Disappear from Search

Bookmark your guest episodes today so that you can easily share them months or years after they air. Why: Older episodes become unsearchable because Spotify only displays 1-2 dozen most recent episodes.
See how I did it:

👉🏽 My Appearances page on this site (it’s nested under Shows which makes sense for my site architecture, but for your site you may put it under your About or Media section)

🎧 My Spotify podcast playlist of recent guest episodes: Emily Binder – Podcast Appearances

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