More about Facebook privacy and idiot users.

From NYTimes article: Company Accused of Firing Over Facebook Post

“…The case involves Dawnmarie Souza, who had to prepare a response to a customer’s complaint about her work… Ms. Souza then mocked her supervisor on Facebook, using several vulgarities to ridicule him, according to Jonathan Kreisberg, director of the board’s Hartford office, which filed the complaint. He also said she had written, “love how the company allows a 17 to become a supervisor” — 17 is the company’s lingo for a psychiatric patient…”

Well, it was only a matter of time until this explosive online social arena leaked into workplace drama taken to the courts. We’ve already seen middle and high schools battling cyber bullying (which is horribly damaging to students in a different and likely unfathomable way, being a still nascent reimagination of typical developmental cruelty). Utter permeation.

Ferris Bueller was successful at playing high school hooky not because he checked in on Foursquare at the five star restaurant where he nearly ran into his father at a business lunch; not because he posted pictures of himself and Sloane at the Cubs game; and not because he blogged about his plans before enacting them. If you imagine that Ferris’s parapet to Mr. Bueller seeing him across the restaurant — hiding behind his menu raised to eye level — exists in any way online, you’re mistaken.  Abe Froman and his face-shrouding menu are things of the past.

Ferris Bueller Abe Froman restaurant

I am excited to watch the Facebook-Google war unfold (and I mention it because when you’re active on a social platform that is in the same sentence as “Google” and “war” you need to stop behaving like a fourteen-year old in an AOL chatroom):

So well-put:

“Today, the Google-Facebook rivalry isn’t just going strong, it has evolved into a full-blown battle over the future of the Internet—its structure, design, and utility. For the last decade or so, the Web has been defined by Google’s algorithms… Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a more personalized, humanized Web, where our network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline. In Zuckerberg’s vision, users will query this “social graph” to find a doctor, the best camera, or someone to hire—rather than tapping the cold mathematics of a Google search. It is a complete rethinking of how we navigate the online world, one that places Facebook right at the center. In other words, right where Google is now.” – Wired: Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out

Clearly, most people like Ms. Souza must reformat their Facebook schemas.  As I have said before, my generation stands at an unique vantage point before these social media shenanigans. I thought it was primarily we who would need to edit our posting rules, because what was acceptable in college for Facebook simply no longer is. I wrongly assumed that older users would have jumped on the FB bandwagon with the wherewithal to infer why privacy settings were so intricate and developed beyond their early iterations.