Doctors, lawyers, and journalists have codes of ethics. They are trained on and continually reminded of their ethics guidelines. Advertisers don’t have standard ethics. But we’re responsible for influencing culture, which is huge.
Doctors and lawyers charge fees that clients rarely (and really can’t) contest. $85 for a 2-minute consult? Sure, Doc. Swipe my card.

But marketing clients often haggle over price or search for lower bids.

Is there a connection here?
woman and man coffee meeting
I think so. Perhaps it’s because the advertising industry is fairly unregulated that clients see a flat fee or hourly rate as negotiable. Perhaps it’s our own fault for playing the pricing game for so long, undermining our value.
Whether you’re a freelancer or part of an agency, if you’re providing marketing services, stick to your guns on pricing and don’t play the race to the bottom game, especially during RFP. This commoditizes creativity and expertise.

In the end, nickel and diming benefits no one and the work suffers.

Instead of acquiescing and lowering your fees, change the conversation to focus on the value you bring and the outcome you promise to deliver. Price with confidence.
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