My mini-podcast is now on YouTube! If you’ve been listening for awhile you’re familiar with the content: I do a short podcast every week or two about business, marketing, psychology, and related topics.

“Voice Marketing with Emily Binder” began in 2018 as an Alexa Flash Briefing where I shared insights about voice AI technology and marketing in 2-5 minutes a day. That was a lot so I in 2021 I went to weekly / bi-weekly and synced the show to all podcatchers to widen distribution.

Enjoy episodes in no particular order: 85% of it is evergreen by design. (Btw, here’s the biggest mistake most podcasters make.)


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What you’ll learn about:

  1. Generative AI (ChatGPT etc.) and how to maximize it for your business
  2. Psychology of brand and marketing. What makes your brand successful really never changes. Certain ingredients work on the human psyche regardless of technology.
  3. Personal finance and investing from a psychology standpoint. Human behavior.
  4. Business – success stories, people I admire and what we can learn from them. May touch on celebrities or famous CEOs. May touch on successful people you’ve never heard of.
  5. Voice in the broadest definition of the word. Your voice, the voice of your brand, voice AI, podcasting, communication, storytelling. 

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Unleash Your Business Potential

In the crowded marketplace, branding and marketing are your dynamic duo, guiding customers through the journey from their pain points to the unique solutions you offer. They form the critical delta, or change, between:

  • ubiquitous pains your clients are wrestling with, and…
  • those same people realizing the value in, and investing in, the solution you provide.

This is precisely the strategic crux I help my clients: navigate. The two fundamental questions we’ll answer together are:

    Emily Binder keynote speaking keynote Jolt! Conference 2023 Las Vegas
    1. What specific problem are you resolving for your clients? Not the problem you assume – the deeper problem.
    2. And how can you market this solution more effectively?

    Mastering this connection is the key attracting clients who need what you have to offer, and ultimately, driving your business to new heights.

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