Avoid these four advertising mistakes and learn the one solution to make your marketing more effective long term. This video features:

  • mind blowing stats about ad mistakes you’re probably making (like pop-ups ads and tricky copy)
  • real life examples from my successful consulting business where I’ve never spent a penny on advertising
  • the biggest mistake you may be making in the way you think about advertising

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Watch the video to find out:
Common advertising mistakes and a solution which is a better way to grow brand affinity, increase leads, and boost sales long term based on adding value, not interrupting people with ads. Get excited about content marketing and word of mouth for your business!


2:04 Mistake 1 of 4

2:13 Pop-up ads have a 74% disapproval rating

3:05 Example alternative to a pop-up (see https://beetlemoment.com/)

3:26 Fitt’s Law – target area and UX

3:42 Mistake 2 of 4

4:00 63% of ads don’t look polished or professional (2016 Hubspot survey)

5:17 Mistake 3 of 4: Copy should be trustworthy, not tricky

6:39 What is AIDA?

7:20 Mistake 4 of 4

9:58 SOLUTION: how to do better content marketing and increase word of mouth

13:50 Tools I recommend protect your time (links at the bottom of this post)

14:00 Don’t give free advice (“pick your brain” is a bad deal for you but great for freeloaders)

15:00 Content marketing: authentic YouTube content beats paid advertising (my own story)

🔨 Tools (Resources):

🎨 Canva (get a free credit): https://www.canva.com/join/lemons-rhi…

🧑‍🎨 Fiverr (hire freelancers / graphic designers): Get 20% off your first purchase: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/2db2dfd04b

🎙️ Audiogram tool: get 2 free weeks of Headliner Pro: https://make.headliner.app/referral/e…

🎧 Plink for podcast marketing (universal 1-click link): https://beetlemoment.com/plink