Do buffalo marketing. Otherwise you’re wasting your time and content.

Unlike ten years ago, podcasts are not just podcasts:

The full-length audio on Spotify / Apple is usually the **least visible** and **highest-ask** part of the content that you spent hours creating. Respect the entire buffalo. Use everything and use it correctly.

If you want to make sure you’re able to maximize results from your podcast investment, this is for you:

Real-Time Podcast Upgrade (5-Star Show Checklist)

Afterward the only question you’ll have is “Why didn’t I book this sooner?”

This is the best solution for all the questions I get from podcasters and marketers. It’s perfect for beginner to intermediate podcasters or to give your marketing manager effective training so they can run the ball better.

I guarantee ROI by the time we hang up and you don’t have to hire anyone or sign a contract.

It’s like DoorDash for a buffalo rather than hunting it for a week. Time is money.

Book the Real-Time Podcast Upgrade (5-Star Show Checklist) — two 55-minute Zoom calls.

You know you should upgrade your podcast marketing, clips, YouTube tactics, and social content to look like the successful shows and get results. Don’t spend hours researching, bookmarking tips from your LinkedIn feed, or writing another to-do list.

Get direct help from me in under two hours. Then your marketing snowball starts rolling today instead of someday maybe.

Future Proof panel Emily Binder content marketing

Description: 5-Star Show Checklist coaching package:

This is a live implementation of the industry-leading tactics I’ve created for client podcasts including Ritholtz Wealth’s original “The Compound”, NEXT with TIGER 21, and dozens of financial podcasts and YouTube channels.

FOR: Podcasters who want a 5-star show in the full sense. I’ll share the highest leverage tactics to grow audience, boost engagement, and be heard + hired.

In these two 55-minute Zoom calls we’ll go through your podcast branding, marketing, and tactics in real-time. We will improve your content (Show Notes, home page, social media sharing), Spotify and Google SEO, listener experience, YouTube tactics, and social media results — literally DURING these calls, click ‘Save Changes’.

AGENDA: Emily’s 5-Star Podcast Checklist:

1. Social media, turn ON Network Effect
2. Analytics…

…. Read more and book

My clients include:


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