Whoever runs marketing at Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Austin, TX is a CRM rockstar. This video is fantastic: Listen to a real recording of one angry customer’s voicemail left for Alamo. It’s a Twitter complaint on private steroids. (Well, it’s not private anymore.) Maybe marketers should be grateful that Twitter only allows 140 characters of a diatribe like this. (Warning: video contains some profane language, NSFW):

Alamo phone girl’s audio complaint brings to life who is really behind so many of the potentially devastating online grievances that customers haphazardly hashtag and hurl. Many online brand bashers are (unfairly) disgruntled customers reveling in their newfound bitching megaphones: social media. But if your brand can turn it around, you win: Why a Negative Review Might Not Be So Bad After All.

angry customer sour faceIt’s easier than ever to find product or service reviews. But remember, now that we’re all publishers of content, some individuals suffer from an exaggerated sense of entitlement and they’re shouting with their tails between their legs. Our brains are wired to be defensive. (I.e., if you don’t read the fine print or follow the rules and then you suffer the consequences, don’t blame the brand; just avoid its unacceptable product or service in the first place.) Alamo Drafthouse spun this negative situation into a free, funny advertisement that reinforces their brand and strengthens their community.