You need honest, quality reviews when purchasing ergonomic products. Your health is on the line. I’ve been reviewing standing desks, floor mats, balance boards, and compression socks since 2012 before everyone was worried about sitting.

Emily working at her standing desk

Emily standing at her Ergo Desktop Hybrid Kangaroo (dual screen setup)

My Top 4 Ergonomic Reviews:

  1. Review: Ergo Desktop Hybrid Kangaroo Standing Desk
  2. Ergodriven Topo Mat Review – Inspired by Nature
  3. Standing Desk Product Reviews: Desks, Mats, Socks
  4. FluidStance Level Review

Why You Should Care: Sitting is the New Smoking

Emily standing on Topo floor mat

I go barefoot on my Topo Mat by ErgoDriven


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