RULE#1 You gotta be quick

RULE#2 Don’t fall down and,

RULE#3 Whatever you do, NEVER look back!

-Shorty: Rules of Snatch N’Run (video clip here)

Shorty is right though- candymaking is an art of timing.

I love making pecan pralines.  And people in the South love eating them.

There is debate over using evaporated milk or heavy cream.  I like the evaporated milk version– opinions anyone?  As long as no praline expert or 85-year old Southern belle would liken my using the milk to modern day cop-out alternatives, E.g., escalators or Lunchables or disposable cameras, then I am good to go.

I just like the taste better.  And I hope you do too!  Southern Pecan Pralines for sale in my Etsy shop:

Southern Pecan Pralines by Adore a Jar Bakery

Happy Aquarius Season,



Do you realize that pecan pralines are gluten free, and almost vegan (except for the couple of Tbsp of butter in them)!?  Therefore… I will probably post a vegan version for sale soon after I experiment some more.

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