Stay Relevant and Master Your Message

Executive coaching to navigate the media and marketing landscape with precision & poise.

What You Get

Tailored Solutions

Benefit from strategies crafted to propel your business or personal brand, drawing from Emily’s extensive marketing and branding expertise across categories including financial services, startups, and media.

Expert Guidance

Gain access to visionary insights at the forefront of marketing and technology. Like any good friendship, Emily is a mirror; you often already know what you need to but have to hear it out loud or get step 1 on your calendar. You’ll get proven strategies tailored to amplify your brand’s presence and drive tangible results.


Join a community of dozens of satisfied clients who’ve achieved tangible improvements and clarity. Get inspired, organized, and accountable. Elevate brand awareness, and foster meaningful engagement with your audience.

We’re a fit if you need:

  • Executive coaching: personal brand strategy & execution for founders / leaders / C-Suite
  • Media training or on-video coaching for television, podcasts, YouTube, and elevator pitches (sample playlist: podcast coaching client)
  • Company branding and marketing strategy or temperature checks
  • Podcasting & voice marketing (podcasts, videos, sonic branding)
  • Marketing resources and team assessment (are you being overcharged? Do you need freelancers or in-house?)
  • YouTube and video strategy (YouTube Shorts drive my clients 2k views in 2 hours)
  • Social media strategy (LinkedIn, Instagram, X, TikTok, YouTube)
  • Content marketing strategy (email, blog, video, webinars)
  • SEO that actually works


We’ll focus on your business objectives.


Phone, Zoom, or protein form.

Satisfied Clients

Seven years in, I’ve spent $0 on ads. It’s all word of mouth. (Testimonials)

Actionable Follow-Up

Post-call recap with insights & resources.


  • What is my marketing missing?
  • What’s my elevator pitch or tagline — my special sauce?
  • Should I start a podcast or make videos? How?
  • How do I create a cohesive body of work from years of media?
  • How do I get invited onto podcasts or conference speaking?
  • How can I improve my on-camera presence or podcast skills?
  • How can I be effective on social media (e.g. LinkedIn) in less time?

Stay accountable with a bucket of four sessions to use within six months.
For yourself, team, and/or employee(s). Read more.


I have numerous opportunities for media appearances, from CNBC to webinars and podcasts, but it all lacked choreography. Emily has a visionary grasp of the marketing landscape. She intuitively knows how to package people and brands, especially through short-form content. Together, we’re crafting a cohesive narrative, strategically highlighting my contributions to the ETF space and financial services.

Tom Lydon

Vice Chairman, VettaFi

Emily is at the cutting edge of technology. Voice is (and will be) the most natural way for us to interact with technology. Emily is already deep in it. Listen to her. Watch her. Follow her.

Mitch Joel

Co-Founder, ThinkersOne

Emily has a grasp on the pulse of the industry and will garner a first mover advantage to those that move her advice to action.

Brian Roemmele


When it comes to voice marketing, Emily is an invaluable resource. Her guidance for Citywire’s Alexa Flash Briefing and podcasting setup was key when it came to our content strategy and promotion through social media. I will definitely work with her again and recommend her to all my clients.

Courtney McQuade

Social Media Manager, Citywire

I loved working with Emily! She really cares about her clients. Her expertise in marketing and forward thinking growth strategies is incredible. She helped me plan and execute a really simple and highly effective marketing strategy that has greatly increased my revenue. I highly recommend working with her.

Laura Larios

External Collaborator, Stanford Cardiovascular Health

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Emily accepts three new clients per month. In this high value, concentrated call, you’ll get:

  • Identify your top three business goals and realistic paths to success
  • Broad strokes audit of current marketing activities (website, social, email, webinars, podcast, etc.)
  • Brand positioning: where you fall on the archetypal spectrum (a la Carl Jung and Beetle Moments)
  • Specific steps you can take to market your brand successfully
  • If/how you can leverage AI or content marketing (especially short-form video)
  • Post-call: Consultation Summary with action items & resources
  • Accountability support: two-week check-in / nudge

In Person (Half- or Full-Day)

Invest in yourself, invest in your business.

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