Our environment is a reflection of our mental state. Your space and your mind play together like kids on a playground, every exchange energetically affecting each other.

I’ve always loved art and how it makes me feel. This post is about the importance of art and beauty in your home and work space. It’s also a review of Big Wall Decor, a company I found that mails you unique art from artists around the world.

Unpopular Opinion: Experiences Aren’t the Best Investment

Unlike the trend in self help and even financial advice which is to spend on and prize experiences over possessions, frankly I like possessions better. They’re just a better value because I get joy out of them over and over again for years instead of just once.

Experiences are great but they’re ephemeral and fade in my memory. At least one in four vacations I’ve taken didn’t feel worth the cost. However I have no possessions I regret, over a wide range of price points. I’m a thoughtful consumer though. Sparking joy in every room.

This is just how I’m human-designed as a Projector who needs recharge time and solitude to absorb and observe which then lets me share my gifts (watch the video). You may really get more joy from a vacation but I’d prefer owning a painting or putting that money toward a more expensive car payment so I get to enjoy driving a luxurious car everyday.

It’s multiple hits of joy vs one.

I’d rather buy a huge premium bed and bedding because sleep is the foundation of health and mindset, versus spend thousands on a short-lived beach vacation where I probably won’t even sleep that well (not saying I don’t like trips but hang with me a minute). Is this Millennial blasphemy? Do you like it? Keep reading.


High/Low: My Other Art

In April 2021 I found a special oil painting by Korin Faught. I had been eyeing it on Instagram for months. Korin is married to Adam Jones, the guitarist of Tool, my favorite band. Her art is unique and brilliant and brimming with feeling. She is especially talented at painting fabrics, which are notoriously difficult.

This 12″x12″ painting brings me joy everyday. It reminds me of the figurative journey I was on in my business and the literal journey of flying to LA to see it and buy it in person at Corey Helford Gallery.

In April 2021 I was in LA to be a guest on Altruist’s The Human Advisor podcast (watch the interview with Dasarte Yarnway). I had started WealthVoice just a year before, so buying this piece was a reward for hard work but also a reflection of how I felt, since it’s titled Submerged.


In 2022 I commissioned a painting from my friend Allison Pons, an incredible painter, for my birthday.

Allison had experienced a creative block for months and said painting this piece broke her out of it and kicked off a prolific period of inspiration and launching her online art store, Melting Dolls.

The Fractal Fluids: Elements for Emily is the center of my living room. The greens and pinks of this 2×3′ piece informed the color palette of the room and everyone who comes over compliments the piece.

The Art in Your Home Inspires You

I spend a lot of time in my home since I work here. I moved to a bigger home last year and with more wall space and I’ve been adding pieces that make me feel:

  • inspired
  • feminine
  • creative
  • powerful
  • mischievous

The older pieces I mentioned above are considered purchases. They’re more expensive than online art. But just like you can do high/low with fashion, it’s a great way to add more art to your home without breaking the bank. I found a company that offers multiple size prints from independent artists and the pieces just caught my eye.


Big Wall Decor

I explored Big Wall Decor’s extensive collection of artwork and I was impressed. The vast selection of high-quality, beautiful pieces ranging from stunning landscapes to bold abstract designs caught my eye. What sets Big Wall Decor apart, however, is their exceptional customer service – their knowledgeable and friendly staff were more than willing to assist me in finding the perfect piece for my space.

I initially bought Holy Stars then it was delayed in shipping. But BWD’s team handled it perfectly, communicating and then offering a partial refund. I tweeted about it to compliment them.

It was perfect timing because I’d been thinking about the concept of making your business a black box. Here’s a mini-pod about this important philosophy for business owners:

A couple weeks later they reached out to ask if I’d like some additional complimentary pieces of my choice in exchange for a review on my blog. Of course yes, so here we are. And to be clear, the three additional pieces I received were comped in exchange for my honest review. I only review products I honestly recommend. Integrity and customer service are a big factor, and BWD checked that box for me (plus the art is so fun).

I highly recommend Big Wall Decor to anyone seeking to elevate their home decor with a touch of sophistication and artistry that is affordable.

Big Wall Decor boxes

Great UX for Hanging Big Art

The art arrived in boxes no bigger than necessary. I got infinity frames instead of lightboxes.

You attach the frames by aligning and snapping them into place. Then you stretch the canvas and nest it in the grooves inside the frame.

You can hang it with an electric drill and the included hardware but I just hired a TaskRabbit because I’m not inclined with power tools. Btw, TaskRabbit is like Uber for home repairs or tasks. Highly recommend. You can hang the art yourself or do it my way with this $10 off promo code for TaskRabbit.

Unboxing and hanging is easy

Choosing a style

I do business from this place all day so I wanted feminine energy in these pieces.

By the way, if you’re interested in what masculine/feminine energy really means, here’s a 5-minute podcast I did on daily domination and submission in communication. (Spoiler: they are both good things when in their positive forms.) Check out Teal Swan and Kasia Urbaniak for more.

How big should art be on a wall?

The appropriate size of art on a wall depends on factors such as wall size, viewing distance, and art style. The artwork should not be too small that it gets lost or too big that it overwhelms the space. As a general rule, the art should be around 50-75% of the wall width or two-thirds to three-fourths the width of the furniture it’s hanging above.

If the art will be viewed up close, it should be smaller than if it’s viewed from a distance. Experimentation with different sizes and arrangements of art can help find the best fit for your space.

Sizes I got from large to small:
  1. infinity frame, 1″ depth, 40×60 (huge piece in my office, the white and colors flowerhead collage)
  2. infinity frame, 1″ depth, 32×48 (medium piece in my living room, the black and white one with the steps on the man’s head)
  3. infinity frame, 5/8 inch depth, 24×36 (smaller piece in my bathroom, the blue one with the woman / clouds / martini)

Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by the company through the provision of free products, however, the opinions expressed are solely mine. This post does not contain any affiliate links.

Mini-podcast (under 5 minutes each)