Emily Binder is an entrepreneur, speaker, and Chief Strategist of Beetle Moment Marketing, a voice-first consultancy based in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Wealth Voice, the premium voice communication tool for financial professionals – coming soon.

Emily balances Gossage and Google. She’s an engaged marketer with a deep understanding of the customer journey and a passion for audio and great content. Applying over a decade of experience as quarterback for dozens of successful marketing initiatives from startups to Fortune 500 brands, Emily helps her clients stay relevant amidst fast moving new technology. Her work focuses on AI / voice assistants, branded audio content, and social media.

Emily is a popular speaker on voice technology and marketing. She hosts a weekly podcast ranked as a top #voicefirst podcast. Hobbies include rollerblading, pressure cooking, and travel hacking.


Launched first social media strategy for a prominent fintech company. Managed social advertising and increased app adoption 25% month over month in first three months.

Created a podcast and Alexa Flash Briefing about marketing and voice technology with a healthy dash of irreverance. Awarded Flash Briefing of the Year Finalist at Project Voice 2020.

One reviewer writes: “This little podcast has substance & personality.”

Appeared as a guest on several voice industry podcasts, Standard Deviations with Dr. Daniel Crosby, and on top marketing podcasts like The BeanCast.

Directed launch of the fastest growing Flash Briefing in the business and finance category: Market Moment (case study here).

Won renter wars against the country’s third largest property management company.

Took up meditation, advanced ankle weights in Tracy Anderson workouts, and found a happy place: The Veloway – rollerblading heaven.

Drove less than 3,000 miles in the last year.

Called it quits on a business idea/side project which was a product to help marketers create buyer personas / avatars: personabay.com.